All RX Pharmacy supplies a wide variety of specialized, commercially available, compounded, and supportive care for ophthalmology medications. This includes the FDA approved medicines and those with limited distribution.

Our comprehensive process allows you to order exactly what you need for your patient, customizing the drugs potency, dosage size and form. If you need ophthalmology pharmacy consult services, strengthened antibiotics, topicals free of preservative, surgery packs or combo drops. At ALL RX we offer a complete solution for your specialty and compounded medications needs.

We compound medications that help you manage and eliminate several conditions like:

  • 1. Cataracts
  • 2. Conjunctivitis
  • 3. Chronic Dry Eye
  • 4. Fungal/Bacterial Eye Infections
  • 5. Glaucoma
  • 6. Wet Macular Degeneration

Ophthalmology Compounding: Not Everyone is Qualified

To provide a customized medication solution for a multitude of ailments to the body. However ophthalmology is less common because specialized equipment and extreme sterile settings are needed for the preparation of your eye medications. The result is that there are so few ophthalmology compounding pharmacies available versus other types of medicines.

All RX Pharmacy is experienced in ophthalmology compounding and is dedicated to the highest quality and uncompromising sterile preparation.

In our certified, sterile clean room we will prepare your medications in the correct dosage, concentration and format, including:

  • 1. Drops
  • 2. Injections
  • 3. Intravenous (IV) Solutions
  • 4. Ointments/Salves
  • 5. Oral Tablets, Capsules or Liquids