Non Sterile Compounding

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We have all the necessary assets to produce a wide variety of individualized medications and delivery to meet a patient's needs. At all RX we strive for quality and the customer experience to be above reproach. We look forward to assisting you with all of your specialized healthcare needs.

As your compounding specialist pharmacy we know the importance of patient involvement in giving care and understand that improved patient collaboration of their health status and related condition allow them to take a more direct approach to their care. We understand the care is best administered through patient oriented and participation approach that value our relationship with each doctor and patient.



Compounded creams can be made into any number of mixtures and potency based on the patients individual needs. Topical creams can be produced for Numbing, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Pain, Bleaching, Acne and even facial exfoliants and face peels.


Gels can be created like compounded creams with a similar array of combinations that can include Alcohol free and alcohol inclusive formulas.



Capsules can be formulated for just about any drug that can be taken orally for several reasons. They can be made without fillers or unnecessary additives. They can change the strength of a drug either increasing or decreasing the strength depending on what is available commercially. Even discontinued drugs can be made once they are no longer available, even combinations of drugs can be mixed together for ease of administering or to lower the amount of capsules to be taken each day.



Troches are unique and allow for taking through the buccal cavity, this is the area under the tongue or inside of the cheek. There are several drugs that can be compromised during ingestion. Those medications make this method a good alternative if drugs are needed quickly to be absorbed.